Global Freedom Exchange Graffiti Workshop

23 female anti-trafficking leaders participating in the fourth annual Global Freedom Exchange will visit the Park for a graffiti workshop led by Brazilian artist and former Vital Voices Global Leadership Awardee, Panmela Castro.

2016 Murals Celebration!

Join us to celebrate our 2016 Murals, with a guest appearance by CUC/LIVE graffiti! 
This year’s murals were completed by artists:
Marie Jo Cima-Turzio
Jade Chan
Cram Concepts
Vanezza Cruz
Leo Vicente
Vedran Misic
MurrzMalik Roberts
Alyssa Steiger
Adrian Stupica
Jonathan Villoch
Elise Warfield

The CUC (worm in Catalan) was conceived to participate in a contemporary art festival in the gardens that Le Nôtre designed for the Lanfant Pavilion (Aix-en-Provence). The theme for the festival revolved around the visual and mental disorders of Lewis Carrol. The design drew on the ideas of cultural theorist and urbanist Paul Virilio from his work “The Aesthetics of Disappearance”. The intention was to make “the disorder of the senses a permanent state, conscious life before a pendular journey that would have birth and death as extreme poles …”. Life is given to this larval container of Lycra through movement and touch; the contact between two skins. This is a textile skin, soft and elastic, a place of milky and homogenous light, where the Cartesian triad disappears submerged in an areferrential world and permanent movement.
Small architecture, in terms of measurements and characteristics, becomes a playful and interactive event, where instability and uncertainty are reasons to celebrate and where sensuality and the relationship between body and space are in constant mutation.