Urban Forest was designed by architects Jieun Yang and Ji Young Kim. Urban Forest is a threshold where fast-paced urban life and the slow meandering of a natural oasis are extended and integrated. As a facilitator of public exchange and movement, the pavilion reflects the intimacy of bodily interaction and accentuates urban and community context. Urban Forest is a network of flexible responses to the changing time, weather, and environment that subverts the fixed nature of the architectural form and embraces the agility of urban life.
Comprised of three groves made from benches, reflective vertical poles and shading canopies the PUBLIC SUMMER pavilion takes into heavy consideration the role of movement in the urban environment around First Park and New York City in general. First Park, like many NYC parks, is intended to be a respite from urban life but as a result it takes on its own unique urban characteristic. While the benches provide seating for park visitors and program audiences the vertical poles are treated with a mirrored mylar finish to reflect their movement and the movement of the city throughout the day and the summer season. The canopies are rimmed with a phosphorescent material that absorbs UV radiation and glows in the evening.
Urban Forest is presented in collaboration with SUPERFRONT.

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