Being Present

Being Present was created to support the Mental Health Quilt, a collaboration with Tumblr’s Post It Forward program and The City of New York’s ThriveNYC initiative. Sharing ThriveNYC’s goal of promoting open, positive, supportive dialogue when it comes to mental health, Post It Forward commissioned New York artist and Tumblr Creatr, Sirin Thada to conceptualize her work around the same mission. Being Present will be on display in First Street Green Art Park until November 10th, 2016.

About her work, Sirin Thada wrote: Bows, and gifts generally, represent positivity and hope, they symbolize an act of care and giving to others. The installation also functions as a visual pun on the idea of “being present” — a state of being that we could all cultivate a little more. The colors symbolizes the range of emotions; it also represents positivity and acceptance. The different pole heights create an ascending effect, which speaks to an open growth process that encourages sharing with friends and family, and connecting about mental health.